Kustom Kandy Painted Yeti Cups

Kustom Painted yeti cup for Fred

Well now we’ve seen it all!

These guys got us so curious about these YETI cups that we actually went out and bought some of our own. So how do you make a YETI cup even cooler than it is already? Here is your answer…straight out of Texas!

Hey Matt,

Thought y’all might like to see what I’ve been doing with your pearls and flake.

This would probably go under “Weird Stuff”, lol.

Cups. Yep, you read that right, cups. YETI cups to be precise. Down here in South Texas YETI has kind of a cult following and everybody is trying to get their ice chest and cups from YETI. We’re talking a $39.00 cup! Mind you, they will hold ice all day long but it’s kinda crazy what people will pay for a cup. Now, they want them customized with their name, initials, logo, team, what ever. That’s where I come in. I painted my own cup and broke out my plotter to slap on my name and BAM! I have orders pouring in now.

Your pearls and flake mix great with the HOK that I’m using and it’s winning the customers over. Pictures do not do these justice so I’m in the process of building a small turn table that we can use to video the finished projects. I want everyone to see these things come to life under the lights.

Thank you for a great product line that I can afford. Here are just a few pics.

M. Wayne Maxwell

Let’s take a look at one of his Youtube videos as well.

His channel can be found here.

Discover the Latest Trend in Custom Cool: Kustom Painted Yeti Cups!

From the heart of Texas comes the coolest new craze – custom-painted Yeti cups! These iconic tumblers have taken on a new life thanks to the creative touch of DIY artisans. With a cult-like following for their durability and ice retention, Yeti cups were already a hot commodity. But now, they’ve become a canvas for personal expression.

M. Wayne Maxwell, a South Texas local, has transformed these popular $39.00 cups into personalized masterpieces. By blending Kandypearls’ vibrant pearls and flake with high-quality paints, Maxwell has started a custom cup revolution. From names and initials to logos and team emblems, these Yeti cups are now as unique as their owners.

The custom cup movement is so hot, Maxwell’s got orders flooding in. And he’s upping the game, planning to showcase these sparkling tumblers on a turntable for the world to see their true glittering potential.

Thanks to Kandypearls’ affordable and high-quality product line, customizing your own Yeti cup has never been easier. Join the movement, make your mark, and sip in style!

And don’t miss out – head over to see these mesmerizing cups in action on Maxwell’s YouTube channel, where custom paint jobs shine under the spotlight.

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November 3, 2023